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finding your value and place in the universe

We come into this world innocent and balanced. Through society, religion and parental figures, various beliefs and attitudes are placed upon us. This can result in us suppressing our emotions and feelings, because we falsely believe that emotions such as anger and grief are not appropriate and that we should hide, and not show, these feelings.

If one suppresses these feelings, they still have to manifest somewhere. Suppressed anger and grief manifests as lactic acid along the meridian lines of the body. As long as these emotions sit and accumulate in the body, this will inevitably cause some form of dis-ease within the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual parts of ourselves. When disease or pain manifests, one can ask and find out why this is presenting itself from the subconscious parts of ourselves and we can then learn how to help ourselves, and others. Likewise, with any kind of trauma or abuse, we dissociate from ourselves as a coping mechanism. Unfortunately we still hold the memory of this past blockage. Through my work with cellular release, I enable my clients to release their trauma.

You will learn how to work with parts of yourself by recognizing the seed level of where wounding occurred, healing that part with accessing the adult and wise self to mentor. No-one knows you, and what your needs are, better than you and you will learn how to give that back to yourself. You will learn how to reconnect and heal these parts. You will also learn what each part of the body relates to in the subconscious.
You can change your limiting beliefs that have been programmed through old conditioning and which limit enormous possibilities. This will change your outer reality, as the healing has come from the inner. By learning how to work with yourself, you will feel empowered to learn how to become your own therapist and take responsibility for yourself.

Adie Shub offers private sessions and is now teaching her work so that others might be able to go out and help many more claim their authentic selves.

Adie offers Sessions to Local & International Client's via SKYPE

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Adie Shub works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual client.  She uses a combination of massage, hot rock therapy, body/mind connection and energy cellular release points.

By working with the energy release points, she helps to clear holding patterns that we have accumulated in our lives. These can manifest in different forms, such as fear, anxiety, anger, depression, grief and ill health. By using her highly developed intuition, she can sense and feel what lies beneath the mask which we all project.

She incorporates the body/mind relationship, using body/mind release work which enables the client to attain better self awareness. By exploring this relationship more deeply, one can claim a greater role in understanding the self and one’s own wellbeing. Adie also enables her clients to connect with their inner child.

Body Mind Intuitive healing

Estimates state that anywhere between 70 – 99% of our families have some form of dysfunction. Many of us have grown up in families affected by abuse of some kind. Most of us have directly or indirectly experienced neglect or physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse.

Patterns of abuse appear in many forms, including alcoholism, substance abuse, drug or food addictions. Abuse is also present in any situation involving physical endangerment, ranging from being beaten to being threatened. It can also include emotional and mental traumas arising from constant criticism, or a lack of acceptance and support. The tell tale yardstick is anything that makes us feel we are a bad person, is abuse. Most of us coped with our childhood difficulties by stunting, stuffing, ignoring or hiding our invisible self, that which is sensitive and vulnerable and wants to be loved and nourished.

Hurts and traumas like this can cause us to separate from ourselves so that we might not feel the intensity of pain.  With placing these feelings outside of ourselves, we numb our emotions and forget, as a protective measure, against being hurt. Unfortunately the good memories are also forgotten. Being alive is about having our visible and invisible parts joined together and mutually supporting each other. Disease, depression, denials, problems, stress, traumas and self doubts all stem from incomplete connections between our visible and invisible selves.

To record is to imprint, to store is to hold the energy intact. We can store emotions, beliefs and physical experiences that might be too negative or self destructive to deal with right away. As a child who has experienced trauma, we may subconsciously decide to not deal with it immediately, perhaps reacting might invite further wrath, so we hold it in.

Our bodies don’t lie and even though this separation has occurred, cells still hold the memory. Body Mind Intuitive healing releases blocked emotions so that they might circulate and release through our body system. Over time, memory recall starts coming back and we learn how to mentor these parts in loving supportive ways.

This form of therapy is extremely beneficial not only for adults but for babies and children too. We think that kids bounce back, however they absorb and take on so many of our unresolved issues. Intuitive reconnective therapy  speeds up other therapy processes, allowing easier access to blocked patterms that have been difficult to release.


A deep tissue massage has many benefits for your health, particularly increased blood flow which boosts the oxygen supply to all the tissues in your body. With more oxygen circulating in the blood, toxins such as lactic acid are removed from your muscles at a higher rate.

A deep tissue massage is a relaxing way to lower your blood pressure and it also helps with stress relief which has been proven to promote more serotonin in your body – a hormone that is responsible for making you feel happy and content! These benefits combined with Adie’s intuitive ability, mean that her hands automatically gravitate to the areas that need attention which allows the energetic release to occur.

Hot rock therapy utilizes the benefits of thermatherapy. Hot stones are placed on energy points and are also on the body during the massage providing deep muscular stress release.  This allows one to go into a deep sense of relaxation and well being. The penetrating heat from the stones relaxes the muscles allowing trigger points to relax with minimum effort. Benefits include relief from chronic pain creating a soothing healing experience


“Your children are not your children They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.”  Kahlil Gibran


As parents, we naturally love our children deeply and we strive to give them the most positive foundation on which to stand, so that when they stand alone one day, they too will pursue their best life possible.   We worry about their education, social life, friends, relationships but seem to overlook their emotional stability and fail to recognise the importance of “CORRECT EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.”

Having worked with children over three decades, I see how many false belief systems have become ingrained inside of these children of “not being good enough” with resultant deep feelings of shame.  These feelings and beliefs which we gather in our younger lives, can effect us so deeply in our future years.  By constantly repeating the same belief systems, we then start to sabotage ourselves later on in life, all based on assumptions from our previous state of innocence.

Most children today grow up with the pressures of having to achieve high academic standards, needing to have the latest technology and trying to be part of a group.  Some children are exposed to abuse and dealing with the stress of parents who may be divorced or going through their own personal crisis.  Children feel and see what we try and hide.

Children mask their feelings – as we also do –  and make incorrect assumptions which they hide inside themselves. This creates problems at a later stage of their life.   At a young age they do not know how to verbalise their feelings and thoughts, thereby acting out.  This results in us being triggered, that may result in a reaction from us which we end up regretting later.

You will see how the world “Looks Like” from the eyes of the CHILD.  You will learn some new tools of how to come into more awareness of what it is to be a Conscious Parent.  By changing some of our robotic ways of parenting, we can all have a more healthy, loving and close relationship with our beautiful children.

Arrange ten people or more and you personally get the workshop free.  


The dangers of free radicals are well known. Standing next to a passing car is said to expose us to 2 million times more free radicals than our great grandparents would have experienced in a lifetime. Free radicals scavenge electrons from our cells, leaving damaged cells in their wake, resulting in aging and all too often, cancer. By using an antioxidant energy release system, such as the Q2 Energy Spa, it supplies electrons to your body, thus neutralizing the free radicals, preventing this damage and creating a reversal in the aging process. The skin is often the first area to show dramatic results. Facial lines, blemishes, sagging skin around the jaw line as well as skin problems improve considerably.

Every cell in the body is like a little battery. It requires an electrical charge on the cell wall to allow the toxins out, as well as to allow the nutrients into the cell. Thus, when you use the Q2 this charge is supplied. Waste products, which may have accumulated over many years, are eliminated into the blood and then excreted through your liver and kidneys. Because the Q2 provides such a powerful detox, your body sets about using the energy, in its own order of priority, to repair itself. An extra bonus is that your body can now absorb, and use, the nutrients – whether from food or supplements – that you consume which the previously blocked cell walls have prevented.

Cellulite occurs when the cell walls are blocked and lack the electrical charge to make the cell membrane semi-permeable. The Q2 solves this problem with consistent use over a period of time. Water retention, headaches, swollen ankles, varicose veins, menopausal symptoms, constipation, arthritis, fatigue, jet lag and a host of other symptoms will also improve with regular use. And a clinical study done in California with the Q2, measured brain-wave changes and found that a single session made people feel happier and more relaxed.


Dr Samuel West, an authority on the lymphatic system, stressed the importance of lymph circulation for good health and advocated ‘lymphosizing´ (or rebounding) as one of the most powerful ways to improve lymph functioning. Authorities in the scientific, health and fitness world have called rebounding ‘a miracle exercise’.

By bouncing on a trampoline and learning the correct breathing patterns and instructions for each part of the body as well as incorporating visualisation, one can  activate the lymphatic system, eliminating that which is not beneficial and thus create balance and a feeling of well being in the body. Rebounding strengthens every single cell by working with the force of gravity. This speeds up the lymphatic process and exercises each cell, eliminating harmful toxins and hot spots in the body.

A study on the effects of breathing on the lymphatic system was then conducted by Dr Jack Shields. Using cameras inside the body, he found that deep, diaphragmatic breathing stimulated the cleansing of the lymph system by creating a vacuum effect. This increased the rate of toxic elimination by as much as 15 times the normal pace. Instructing the body and using visualisation further amplifies the healing process.

Adie can teach you how to energise and clear toxins by showing you the correct method of activating each part of the body and how to strengthen the endocrine system.

Special offer: Get a group of 10 friends to do the training and you will get the training free of charge!


I have had the pleasure of knowing Adie for the past fourteen years and having gone to her regularly for bodywork. Adie is one of the most gifted, intuitive massage therapists and healers I have known, and her amazing bodywork not only draws you deeper into experiencing yourself as divine love, but is so truly powerful in the releasing of old patterns and traumas within the body and energetic fields. Adie starts by making an energetic connection to you as she weaves her magic through the spinal column, sharing meaningful insights, suggestions and the wisdom of knowing. She then takes you into the experience of the most heavenly deep tissue massage, while working with nature intelligence and the beings of light on high, in giving you just what you are needing in the moment. As a healer, facilitator and teacher, Adie shares her wisdom, experience, love and compassion in the most giving and sacred way and truly is incredibly unique and certainly the most precious to me.
Anrita Malchizadek

Despite having done intensive work on myself over the past several years, I found that there was some areas in my life still blocked, until I went to Adie. I was not completely sure of what to shift, but her work is non-invasive and natural, that only after a few sessions, we found the perfect home we were looking for, I got the car I wanted and I fell pregnant after five years of trying, which all happened with ease and within three months. Since then, I have recommended family and friends to work with Adie, who have given me only very positive feedback.


I have been to Adie on and off over a 12 year period. Although Adie’s primary skill is that of a highly trained massage therapist, this is only a fraction of what she brings into a session. The quality of Adie’s work is directly related to the internal quality of who she is as a person. Adie is a clear channel through which spirit is able to work. She uses the wisdom of the body to inform what is needed to enable emotional, mental and spiritual clearing and healing. She does this with an uncanny knowledge and intuition borne out of her experience and her openness to spirit. Adie has a range of tools and healing modalities that she accesses to bring about the healing. There are many times that I have been energetically stuck and have been unable to make the required shifts despite my own inner work. After a session with Adie, I find that the energy has shifted quickly and easily. I have struggled to write this reference because Adie’s work is in a realm that goes beyond words. It is of the highest spiritual order and is something that can best be understood by experiencing it. All I know is that there are things I thought could never be healed, accessed or shifted in my life and, having exhausted all other options, I have had a session with Adie and have been amazed at how easily it seems to have shifted things. Adie’s work is truly love made visible and I am delighted to hear that she is running workshops so that others are able to access the mind/body and spiritual wisdom that she has gathered over the years. I wish everyone could get the benefit of Adie’s incredible gifts.
Lynette Wilkinson


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