Following Intuition

Adie ShubI began my journey into the vast arena of health and healing over three decades ago.  I recognized that whenever I was around someone who needed healing, my hands used to vibrate and get very hot.  I resisted this urge for some time until an abrupt shock turned my life in another direction when I accidentally burnt myself very badly.
This lead me to do healing on myself and I began to see incredible results in a very short space of time. Within a two-week period I was completely healed.  I started to apply healing to others and noticed that their pain also diminished or left all together.

I studied whilst overseas and at home learning deep tissue massage and reflexology together with the art of tuning into energy fields and how to tap into the Intuitive self.  The more I worked, I realised that I was seeing beyond the mask which we all wear.  I came to understand that there was no separation between the body and the mind.

I also studied Shiatsu, Metamorphic Technique, Body Alignment, DNA activation and am I qualified as an international trained Lymphology and Speed Healing Practitioner.

My most important goal, as an Intuitive Body/Mind therapist is to help others release blocked cellular energy. I empower others by teaching tools of how to work with their emotions and state of mind.  By guiding each individual to listen to their own Inner Physician, they are able to find the original seed of their upset or pain and heal it with the power of working in the realm of their creative minds and thinking, healing the dis-ease with deep compassion and healing.

I am also teaching others how to awaken and activate their Intuition.   As Albert Einstein said,

“The Intuitive mind is the sacred gift and the logical mind is the faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Come and awaken your gift.





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