Our minds and our body are so intrinsically connected and as so rightly quoted in the Godfather, “When the mind suffers, the body cries out”

Every physical and emotional pain is a teacher.   Our Inner Physician knows everything about us and is there to help us go back through our great journey to find the originating seed of our presenting pain.  Once heard, acknowledged and healed, it no longer needs to teach us and the pain diminishes or leaves.  Most of us tend to think that our body and mind are separate systems and believe they function for the most independently,    When we feel pain we reach out to the outer world by going to the doctor, physiotherapist or healer, however we miss the teaching it has on offer.    Yet instinctively we know this is not the whole story.  By learning how to communicate inwardly we can become our own master healers a lot of the time.

In the words of the great Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, “There is an innate connection between the mind and the body…. All disease have their origins in the mind.  The pain that affects the physical body are secondary diseases”  To isolate the pain or disease as being unconnected from anything else is to deny the cause (underlying feelings and attitudes) will make another effect known at some other time: another area of disease of discomfort will arise in an attempt to show you where you are out of balance.

Through society, religion and parental figures, various beliefs and attitudes are placed upon us. This can result in us suppressing our emotions and feelings, because we falsely believe that emotions such as anger and grief are not appropriate and that we should hide, and not show, these feelings.  Children feel alone in their feelings and do not believe that anyone feels the way they do.  False assumptions and beliefs are formed around being not good enough and this can affect us throughout our lives.

Even when we are in the womb we are not only fed nutritionally by our mothers, but also we are fed all her anxieties, fears and emotional upsets.  At this early stage of formation, our cognitive side of our brain has not developed enough to distinguish what is ours and what belongs to our mothers feelings.   Then comes birth, here we are being pushed towards a dark tunnel, not knowing where we are going and what waits for us on the other side.  We are blinded by bright lights, loud noise, green huge people and then we are turned upside down and smacked in order to take our first breath.  We are taken away from our mothers, our protective covering removed and inoculated before being returned to our mothers.  What trauma in entering the world.    The lucky ones, had natural water births with dim lights and soothing sounds as they entered the world.

Children cannot express their feelings in our language and need to be communicated at their level.  The world is large from their little world and we are like giants in their eyes.  As parents we all loose it sometimes with our kids.  This is scary for the child, as our faces change, our voice gets louder as well as our energy enlarges.  We can look like monsters and this creates enormous shock and fear and causes them  to disassociate from themselves.  As we grow older we need to go back to those parts and mend them through the power of our creative minds and find those split off parts of ourselves so that we cam bring them back home to our selves.   The mind cannot distinguish the difference between imagination and reality.  By healing our parts and letting our inner child feel the safety of our own beings we can heal from the inside out.

If one suppresses these feelings, they still have to manifest somewhere. Suppressed anger and grief manifests as lactic acid along the meridian lines of the body. As long as these emotions sit and accumulate in the body, this will inevitably cause some form of dis-ease within the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual parts of ourselves. When disease or pain manifests, one can ask and find out why this is presenting itself from the subconscious parts of ourselves and we can then learn how to help ourselves, and others. Likewise, with any kind of trauma or abuse, we dissociate from ourselves as a coping mechanism. Unfortunately we still hold the memory of this past blockage.

Our Inner Physician is always there to communicate with us and to tell us where we need healing as we go through similar trauma’s which affect out body.  We all know our traumas and we do not need to pick at the wound but rather to go down as the nurturer and protector and heal them with unconditional love and safety.  As we develop this deeper connection with the inner aspects of ourselves the body responds with great delight.

As a Body/Mind Intuitive, it still amazes me how quickly pain can diminish and heal by listening to one’s Inner Physician.