It is essential to stay grounded and balanced as we move into this period of change.  Like a tornado, if you stay in the center, you will not spin out. Being a number one year, this urges all of us to create the existence we want for ourselves,  by recognizing the new potentials that exists for all of us.

This time challenges us to be courageous, to have new experiences, goals, and a clearer understanding of life. It’s about you and where you are going. What new vision are you creating for yourself? Vital inner changes that must take place within you are obtainable in this life.  Great faith and vision are essential for your next step to further empowering yourself.  Exciting yet at the same time, terrifying.

Finally, we have the urge to get more into our forward movement, however, a many of us, including myself feel like we are in some kind of paralysis.   However it feels like the fog will start to lift as we enter into September, the true start of the Age of Aquarius and things might come more into focus.  It has been a year all about initiation and planting seeds we want to see grow for the next nine years.  Try to use your creative individuality to achieve independence  It is time to leave the past behind and not to carry anything from the past,  as we selectively choose what we want in our lives and for the collective.

Systems are breaking down and according to astrologers, 2008 – 2023 is all about death and resurrection.   The old Patriarchal system will collapse as we head into the birth of the Age of Aquarius.  So this applies to our old paradigm as well, as we break out of  our world of limitation and create from our own center, re-look at our old belief systems, own our own truth, identity, life purpose and mission.  To move away from misguided beliefs and restrictions and break free  and step into our big shoes, taking back our innate power to empower ourselves as well as others.

I remember an old Zen story about a lion that was brought up by sheep and thought he was a sheep, until one day an old lion came to him and said, “Come with me.”  He lead him to the river where he saw his true reflection and he saw he was a lion. The motto of the story is that the lion stands alone, the masses are like the sheep, it is safer to be amongst  the sheep, however it takes courage to walk as the lion.  It is time to break out of our comfort zones and to step out as the lion, proud and free.


Archangel Michael