It has been enlightening to see those that have and continue working with me shifting enormously.  They  have become more aware of their reactive selves,  pausing as they listen to their inner body tensions and therefore access the seed that needs to be repaired – the part of themselves that needs love, encouragement and healing.  I feel like jumping for joy each time I see one of my client’s experiencing the downfall of their old self,  only to be amazed that they are not reacting in the same way but as their new evolved self.

Only as we transform the darkness of the incomplete selves into the light of consciousness do we become more aligned.

This process of transformation is gentle as you learn how to connect with your inner nurturer (female) and protector (male) and consciously heal and repair your Inner self.  What a true honor it is to see the flowering of those that take their journey seriously and learn how to become the observer and healer of self.




All Light Workers are now being encouraged to do whatever they can to assist in lifting humanity’s consciousness out of its 3rd dimensional matrix.

As the chaos is so dense, it is imperative to send light, peace, and love to all countries and people affected. In this way, we feel like we are contributing and this really does change the frequency of the collective.

In love and light,